Mark Johnson, Attorney at Law & John Schneider, Attorney at Law, own the law firm Johnson & Schneider, L.L.C.  Their practice is based upon providing the highest quality of service and attention to our clients. The firm realizes our clients may very well be seeing them for the most important issue in their lives at that time.  We believe that our involvement in multiple areas of the practice of law provides a distinct advantage by providing our clients with comprehensive legal advice and representation.  Quality work is produced as expeditiously as possible, even if it requires the attorneys and staff to work nights and weekends. The bottom line is that Mark Johnson, Attorney, John Schneider, Attorney and Matt Ferrell, Attorney along with the staff at Johnson & Schneider, L.L.C. will do "Whatever it Takes" to serve the needs of their clients and help them achieve their goals.

Johnson & Schneider's offices are located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Cairo, Illinois and Jonesboro, Illinois.  The Cape Girardeau office is located in downtown Cape Girardeau overlooking the Mississippi River.  Their newly constructed building was the first commercial improvement in downtown Cape Girardeau in over fifty years.  The French-Colonial building, representative of Cape Girardeau's architectural history, was designed by Al Phillips.  The Cairo office is located in historic Cairo near the Alexander County Courthouse. The Jonesboro office is located at 314 Willards Ferry Road in Jonesboro, Illinois.